located in Southampton, N.y.

We moved into our new location at 686 County Road, Southampton in 2014. Southampton is at the heart of the towns and hamlets that make up the Hamptons. We are an easy drive from any location on the East End, and only two hours  from New York City. James Brady, MD is  a perfect place for plastic surgery, offering a relaxing and beautiful retreat for post-surgery recovery.  



We emphasize the importance of a beautiful space that makes people feel comfortable and at home. Our plastic surgery practice offers  private treatment rooms,  a soothing recovery room, and a state-of-the-art surgical suite. Each and every detail in these light-filled spaces has been carefully designed for optimal relaxation, contentment and safety. 



Every year technological advancements are made in the field of plastic surgery. The difference between one practice and another - apart from training and experience - is whether or not they choose to stay up-to-date and utilize cutting edge research.  At James Brady, MD, you can be sure you are receiving the most current and progressive treatment. 

Dr. Brady's commitment to excellence ensures that our facility always has the most advanced technological tools available and is designed in accordance with the highest safety standards. This allows us to continually elevate the quality of our work,  putting us at the top of our field and providing you with the best service in plastic surgery. 



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